$90/board, $120/complete set

D'OR Planing Board

Planing is a crucial part of the pre-gouging process —  it prepares the cane for the gouger, allowing for an accurate gouge with minimal wear on the blade while leaving enough width for the shaper-tip. Without this tool, guillotined cane cannot become gouged cane.

The D'OR Planing Board has slots for both oboe and English horn cane. The design is light and strong, and delivers precise results. It is made from biodegradable and recyclable polyester, but is durable enough to last.

"Preparing the cane properly for gouging is a critical step, and I am glad to have found the lightweight yet accurate D’OR Planing Board for this purpose. The results are consistent and I am pleased to recommend this tool."

Nicholas Stovall, Principal Oboe of the National Symphony Orchestra

"I love this 2-in-1 oboe/EH planing board! The design is sturdy and comfortable to use. It’s the perfect addition to my reed desk."

Kara Poling, Associate Principal Oboe / English Horn of the Richmond Symphony

"Daniel's planing board is a key tool that I use every time I prepare my cane for gouging.  Every planing board I have used in the past has been very heavy, cumbersome, and difficult to transport to different places.  His lightweight design is not only extremely easy to use, but also affordable for many professionals and students.  I highly recommend this board!"

Titus Underwood, Principal Oboe of the Nashville Symphony

The D'OR Planing Board Set Includes:

This board does NOT cost $259

I was supposed to graduate college owning a planing board, but I simply couldn't afford it. Three years later I decided enough is enough and, armed with my 3D CAD modeling experience, dove headfirst into material science and 3D printing to develop my very own D'OR Planing Board.

For years, planing boards have been prohibitively expensive. The most well-known product on the market today costs $259 for just the board*. The compatible plane is priced at $90. And if you want to process not just oboe but English horn cane as well... you gotta get another board! That's over $600 for a complete set!!

Not anymore. I have designed an affordable planing board and here it is!

*the alternative to a planing board was a slightly more affordable push-through pre-gouger, which delivers a much less precise result.

Support Ukraine

I am proud to say that 10% of every planing board sold goes directly to helping Ukraine in their fight for freedom via UNITED24.

If you are able, please consider donating either through UNITED24 or through one of these other charities. Thank you.

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