Knife Sharpening

"Want to know the secret to reedmaking in 10 words or less? I can tell you in four: Good Gouge, Sharp Knife" ~Eugene Izotov

While I can't help you with your gouger (yet!), I want to make sure that your precious time at the reed desk is as productive and pain-free as possible. Through years of experimentation, I have developed a kinfe-sharpening system and philosophy that ensures results of the highest possible standard. Don't settle for a dull blade — let me take care of your oboe reed knife and bring it back to its full potential.

Want to learn to sharpen your own knives? I also offer Knife Sharpening Lessons!

Email to schedule your appointment!

Pricing: $50/hour, ½ hour minimum

Free online consultations available!

I am based in Brooklyn, NY and service the greater New York area.

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