D'OR Oboe Reed

Tried every reed on the market with no results? Look no further.

For students: This reed is made to be easy to play, up-to-pitch, and with a gorgeous, round tone. These qualities prevent bad playing habits and encourage the good ones. Learning to make reeds yourself? These can be a useful example of what a good reed can feel like. (I also offer Reedmaking Lessons!)

For the pros: Take reeds out of the equation and save yourself valuable time. The high-quality cane is vibrant and efficient, expertly scraped to have a deep, full tone.

Blanks are available upon request. And of course, there is a section in the Order Form for special requests :)

"So responsive and stable! I'm putting it in my good reeds case!"

—Logan Esterling, co-founder of Reedesign.io


A good reed is born out of a good piece of cane, which is why D'OR reeds are made from the same cane I use myself. Grown in the Grimaud region of France, it is some of the sturdiest, densest cane available. I select every piece for straightness and golden color.

Gouge and Shape

I use a well-tuned, sharp Innoledy gouging machine, and individually check every piece of cane for appropriate hardness, center, and side measurements. It is then shaped on one of my favorite shaper tips — the same one I personally use!


A bad staple can ruin a reed. I selected a high-quality model with natural cork which provides the reed with minimal blowing resistance and a beautiful tone. These staples are so good, I offer a special discount to those who return my staples back to me.

Student or Professional?

You may have noticed that instead of "student" and "professional" models, I offer just one product. I do this to challenge a popular misconception that beginner players don't need a reed that is as fine as professionals do. I would argue that students need just as good a reed or better, because playing on good reeds early-on encourages a healthy embouchure, builds confidence, and even prevents hand-injury. I remember the days when I was at the mercy of the machine-made reeds at my local music shop, so I make sure that every single D'OR reed is one I would personally enjoy playing on.

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